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The Demands Of Christ Empty The Demands Of Christ

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Week 6 day 4

Jesus did not paint a rosy picture for the disciple as He talked about what was ahead for them. During his last days on earth Jesus outlined for His disciples what they could expect if they followed Him. Any suffering they would encounter for taking up His Cross would be sorrow He had already known. In John 15:18 ( If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first”) he told them that the world would hate them because they are associated with Him and because they witness in His name.

We cannot accept the part of Jesus’ messages what we like and reject what we do not like. We must accept it all.

Expect to be Rejected

The reality is, when you meet the demands of Christ of Christ as you minster to others, you may experience rejection. Thought the rejection may be subtle, or it could just be a brush off and not interested demeanor. No matter what it may happen the object is to continue doing the work of the Lord.

This week do something kind for the non-Christians friend you may have just made. Learn all you can about your new friend. As a way to help you minister to others.

The Promise Of His Presence

After warning His disciples about possibility of rejection, however Jesus painted another picture another picture designed to compel them to spread the good news fervently regardless of what they encountered. Read John 15:26-27

Jesus reassured the disciples that they would have the Holy Spirit to assist them as they testified about Christ. He would not leave them without help or resources. The Holy Spirit would guide them as they moved out to serve others.
Two thousand years later Jesus still makes the same promise to you. As he sends you out to serve the world that he warns will hate you. He does not leave you without resources. He gives you the Holy Spirit to empower you and to make you bold.

A Ministry Of Service

Could a ministry of service be the ministry in which Christ calls you? Your witness and your fellowship involve Christian service to other persons. These compose the fifth ministry.
John 15:13 say “ Greater love has no one than this that he lay down his life for his friends.” You are to be involved in a ministry of service as Christ was.

What It Means To Be A Disciple

Here are 6 ways to remember to what it means to be a disciples

1. Lord as the first priority of your life
The center of the cross emphasized spending time with the Master
2. Relationships
The vertical crossbar represents your relationship with God
The horizontal crossbar represents your relationship with others
3. Commitments
Deny yourself
Take up your cross
Follow Christ
4. Resources to center your life in Christ
The Word
5. Ministries that grow from the four resources
6. Disciplines of a disciple
Spend time with the Master
Live in the word
Pray in faith
Fellowship with believers
Witness to the world
Minister to others

To reinforce the 6 steps of discipleship fill in the blanks

1. A disciple of Christ has:- _____________________________________________
2. Relationships: _____________________________________________________
3. Commitment: _____________________________________________________
4. Resources:________________________________________________________
5. Ministries: ________________________________________________________
6. Disciplines:________________________________________________________

Daily Master Communication Guide

Again read John 15

What did God say to you during your quiet time? ____________________________

What did you say to God? _______________________________________________

Are your daily quiet times making a difference in your life? Are you interceding for others? Are you gaining strength? Has your quiet time raised your entire walk with the Lord to a different level?

Stop and pray, asking God to continue to lead you as you plan your time, using the MasterTime form.

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