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Week 6 Day 2

Throughout your study of MasterLife you have learned six biblical disciplines of a follower of Christ. In these disciplines of a follower of Christ. In these disciplines four resources can be identified that are available to every disciple:
• The Word
• Prayer
• Fellowship
• Witness

A growing disciple these four resources to help others in Christ’s name. Your service expresses itself in various ministries:
1. The word leads to a ministry of teaching/preaching
2. Prayer leads to a ministry of worship/intercession
3. Fellowship leads to a ministry of nurture
4. Witness leads to a ministry of evangelism
5. Fellowship and witness lead to ministry of service.

A Ministry of Teaching/ Preaching

You may think, I’m not called to be a pastor how can I minster this way? Preaching a sermon is certainly one way to minister by using the discipline of living in the word. God definitely calls some people to be preachers or evangelists. If you live in the Word, you may learn that this role is His will for you. But you can be involved in the ministry of teaching or preaching even if you never proclaim the gospel in front of a congregation. Most people who stay in the word long enough have the opportunity to share in a variety of contexts what God has said to them.
To understand how to use the resource of the Word in a ministry of teaching/preaching you can look at ways teaching occurs in Bible. Match the scriptures with the correct example.
1. ____ Job 36:22
2. ____ Matthew 28:19
3. ____ Ephesians 6:4
4. ____ 1 Timothy 5:17

a. God is a teaching God. Many prophets such as Samuel also functioned as teachers
b. Parents are urged to tell their children about God’s mighty acts and to instruct them in God’s commandments
c. In Jesus’ ministry, teachings was His primary identity. In the Great Commission Jesus commanded His followers to make disciples and to instruct them in His teachings.
d. Whenever new churches were founded, Christians teachers were present.

Name ways you might be able to use the resource of the Word in a ministry of teaching or preaching. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

A Ministry of Worship /Intercession

The more you get involved in prayer, the more you worship. Prayer is ministering before the Lord. It is bowing before God and worshiping Him through praise, adoration, and devotion. Prayer enables you to develop a closer relationship with the Father. Intercession is a way you can minister to others by bringing their needs before God.
The ministry of worship can take the form of individual worship during your quiet time.
But it goes beyond private prayer. You also worship as you fellowship with the body of Christ, gathered as His church. Worship as a church family has occurred since the time of the first Christians.

Read Acts 2:42, 46

The focus of true worship is on God and your relationship with Him. If you never lead others in worship, you can serve the worship. He waits for your worship, Worship is the primary way you glorify the Lord and is God’s primary reason for creating and redeeming you (see 1 Pet 2:9). The early church did not limit leadership in worship to professional ministers. Everyone has a responsibility for worship, whether God provides opportunities to lead groups in worship experiences or to participate in worship by following others’ directions.

Read Deut 6:6-9. Intercession can result in changed lives and changed churches. Staying alert to persons’ needs and jotting down their concerns allow you to intercede for them as you pray individually or with others.

How do you think God wants you to use the resource of prayer in a ministry of worship and intercession? _______________________________________________________________

You can start now by interceding for believers who serve the Lord by spreading the gospel throughout the world. Pray for them as they witness to the world and as they lead others to witness.
Pray for your pastor and church staff members by name. Pray for others who serve in areas for teaching, prayer, outreach, benevolence, missions, music and others. Ask God to bless each person as he or she ministers to others. Ask Him to help you think of ways you can support and demonstrate love your church leaders.

Daily Master Communication Guide

Read John 17:6-19

What did God say to you? ______________________________________________________
What did you say to God? ______________________________________________________

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