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The Disciple's Cross Day 2

In order to truly be a follower of Christ we must love him more than we love any other person, possession or purpose.

In Luke 14:26-23 it explains that you must give up everything in order to be a disciple of Christ.

Disciples Priorities
As a disciple of Christ we have to learn gradually just as the disciples that followed Christ before us. Even in he bible days the disciples sometime put their own needs and concerns above Christ. So though we may do this ourselves sometimes, the goal is work daily to make God your top priority.

Read Acts 4:18-37 Then think about what is it that God I trying to say directly to you through this scripture. Also what is your response to God. Once you have read the scripture take a moment to apply this to your daily life. Think about it, can you say that you live your life based on the scripture.

List anyone or anything that presently takes priority over your relationship with Christ
Day one we begun to draw the disciples Cross and Christ was at the center, this is just a way to see what we need to work on to make this possible.

Stop and Pray and ask God to reveal anything that we may put before the love we have for him.

Who or What motivates you?

If there are things that come before Christ what are some steps that we could do to ensure that Christ stays at the center of our lives?

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