Week 2 of The Disciples Personality

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Week 2 of The Disciples Personality  Empty Week 2 of The Disciples Personality

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In the MastersLife workbook #2 The Disciples Personality we will begin to study "Renew Your Mind"

This week's goal;
You will be able to renew your mind through the transforming power of the Word and Holy Spirit.

My Walk with the Master This Week.
you will complete the following activities the six biblical diciplines.

Spend time with the master
have quiet time each day, working toward a goal of 21 consecutive days.

Live in the Word
read your bible everyday, write what God says to you and what your say to God.
Memory verse Roman 12:1-2
Review Philippians 2:13

Pray in Faith
pray for family, friends, or your prayer partner

Fellowship with Believers
find ways to share your thoughts, or matters that are important to you

Witness to the World
do something kind for a family member or friend that may not know Christ

Minister to others

This is our overview for week 2 MastersLife

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