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Committing Your Personality Empty Committing Your Personality

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Week 1 Day 3

Doing God’s will depends on committing your whole personality to God. Even when you commit yourself to  God, you soon discover that doing His will is not easy. Many factors influence you.
God Provides The Way

Read 1 John 2:15-17 then check the factor(s) that most hinder you from doing God’s will
___ sinful nature   ___ environment ____ heredity

You may have checked more than one answer. Though is 1 John it clearly indicates that our sinful nature keeps us from doing God’s will. In some cases our environment or even our family can keep us from God’s will if we are a part of a family that does not honor God.
How do you he commit your whole personality to God? Does that mean losing your identity? Does that mean becoming passive and simply let things roll over you? Do that mean never again struggling with what God wants you to do? Even Jesus struggled when he was tempted. Even though you struggle, God provides a way to accomplish His will in you when you commit your entire personality to Him.

Read the scriptures below. Describe how God enables you to commit each part of your personalilty to His will.
Will ( Phil. 2:13)- ____________________________________________________________________
Mind ( Rom 12:2)- ___________________________________________________________________
Body ( Rom 12:1)- ____________________________________________________________________
Emotions ( Gal 5:19-24)- _______________________________________________________________
Life ( Gal 2:20) - ______________________________________________________________________

Summary of What We Have Learned About God’s Will

The process of doing God’s will is accomplished through-
 A vision of God’s purpose for your life
 A commitment of your whole personality to God;
 Actions based on God’s provisions for doing Hid will.

Learning The Disciple’s Personality
Draw a circle with God above it and body beneath it. Write the five senses- sight,sound,smell, taste,and touch on each side of the circle. Now write soul on the inner top rim of the circle, and mind, will and emotions in the exact center of the circle.

In the Carpenter’s Shop

When you think about setting aside old traits and becoming more Christlike, you can picture tearing down an old house and building a new one. What will you tear down and replace to become more Christlike. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you as you read Galatians 5:16-25
Below are statements from the passage you read in Galatians 5. Write O by the statements that apply to the old person in Christ. And N beside those that describe a new person in Christ
_____1. “Keep in step with the Spirit”
_____2. “Gratify the desires of the sinful nature.”
_____3. “(Desire) what contrary to the Spirit”
_____4. “(Crucify) the sinful nature”
_____5. “Live by the Spirit”
_____6. “ (Be) led by the Spirit”
_____7.” (Have) the fruit fo the Spirit”
Answers: 1.N 2. O 3. O 4. N 5. N 6. N 7. N

Daily Master Communication Guide

In your daily quiet time today read Exodus 4:1-17 see how God speaks through Moses’ struggle with doing God’s will. The complete the Guide

What did God say to you? ____________________________________________________________
What did you say to God? ____________________________________________________________

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