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Week 2 Day 2,

Living in God word takes being persistent. Though for many of us time will be one of the stumbling blocks that keeps us from doing what we know is needed. Reading the Bible regularly is the primary way to live in the word. However you can receive the word in other forms too, such as listening to someone preach it, studying it, memorizing it, meditating on it, recalling it and applying it.
Having a personal, life long, and obedient relationship with Him mean that you want to study and meditate on the word regularly. Then you live what it says.

As you begin to memorize scripture you will notice that they will surface at that very moment that you need them in a given situation.  Even when you can not open a bible in front of you, try meditating on the verses that you have memorized. Hearing someone preaching the word, teaches you what God has in mind. Developing daily reading and studying  of the scriptures help you live in the Word.

Learning The Disciples Cross
We are learning the disciples cross and so far we have learned two parts of the cross. To help reinforce what we have learned so far about living in the word.

1.Draw a circle with the word CHRIST and John 15:5 in the center of it.
2Below the circle draw the lower crossbar. or an arrow big enough for the word written on it. Also write "John 8:13-32"

Reasons For Daily Quiet Time
1.we learned that the first reason for quiet time is to know Him through fellowship with Him. we learn the second reason for quiet time is to receive direction and guidance for daily decisions.

Asking God To Show You The Way
A daily quiet time provides direction and guidance for your daily decisions. You discern God's will as you meditate on his on word and commune with his Spirit.

Psalm 148:8 can be a prayer:
" Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.
In Psalm 148:8 what did the psalmist ask God to do for him?__________________________________

First John 5:14 says "This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us." What does this verse say about God's response if you pray according to His will?

Just like the scriptures we can ask God to show us the way we should walk in your life with Christ. If we pray according to his will, you have the assurance that he hears you. What a great reason to take time to strengthen your relationship with the vine daily.

Finding Direction In The Word
Has God  ever helped you make decisions as you sought answers from his word?
___Yes ___No  if so, describe your experience_________________________________________ly_

What are the first two reasons listed for daily quiet time?_____________________________________

Read Psalm 118 for your daily master communication after reading ask your self two questions

1. What God say to you?
2. What did you say back to God?

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