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Week 2 Day 5

As we read our Bible we will notice that Jesus established patterns that enable Him to maintain a special love relationship with God the Father. He prayed in the early morning, during the night without sleep, alone, and when He was away from others. If Jesus felt a need for a regular communion with the Father, we should feel and even greater need to get in our quiet time with Him.

How To Have An Effective Quiet Time
1.Schedule a regular time for it.
2.Find a place to be alone with God
3.Follolw a procedure..

A Regular Time
Finding a regular time is the first key to an effective quiet time. If you have your time in the morning begins your day with recognition of your dependence on God and His all-sufficiency. This will give you the opportunity to yield to God and to dedicate your day to Him.

What time do you usually up in the morning? _________________________
What adjustments would you need to make to get up 15 minutes earlier to start your morning off with God.

Some may feel quiet time at night will be better, as a way to wind down from the hassles of the day.
The key is to consistent and to stick with a time that will become a habit.

Do you have a time of day when you habitually pray? ___Yes ____No
if not, make a commitment to schedule a quiet time.

A Quiet Place
A second requirement for effective quiet time is a place where you can be alone with God. Some may feel that they can concentrate more when they are away from the noise, distractions, and from other people. The key is you to find a place that you can focus on whom you are praying to.

Name the best place for you to have a quiet time_________________________________________.

Procedure To Follow
The third requirement for an effective quiet time is to follow a procedures. Unless we follow a pattern that keep our mind focused on spiritual matters, so that our minds will not wonder.

Look at the list below which, check the ones that you are currently using in your quiet time.
____ Fellowshipping with God in prayer
____Bible reading or study
____Praying through the day's schedule
____Memorizing and /or reviewing memory verses
____Praying through a prayer list.

Some Tips For Quiet time,
1. Kneel in prayer, and renew your relationship with God.
2. After you fellowship with God, try reading a scripture.
3.After reading the scripture summarize what God is saying to you
4. Use the prayer-convent to make your request

Recap from what was talked about today. Explain the significance of the following. review what was discussed and feel free to explain in your own words.

A regular

A quiet time:_________________________________________________________________

A procedure to follow:_____________________________________________________________________u

Daily Master Communication Guide
Read John 15 in your quiet time.

What did God say to you through this passage:____________________________________________
What did you say back to God?______________________________________________________


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