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Week 6 Day 5

What if you did not have a church in which to worship? What would you do if you could not sing praises to God? What is a government took away your Bible to prohibit your witness? Describe how you would stay connected to the vine. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

This is something that other countries have to face every day. Though this is not our reality it is something that we need to think about and to see where we are in our relationship and what we are willing to do in order to keep it.

We must do something to carry on the work.
When the door seems to be closed, God can make a way for us to serve Him.

Learning the Disciple’s Cross

The disciples cross represents your relationship with Christ as His disciple. I hope by now the Disciples Cross has become the core of your being and a way of life for many of us.
When the Disciples Cross is a part of your life----
1. You will know six biblical disciplines of a disciples
2. You will experience a closer relationship with Christ as you practice the disciplines each day.
3. You will use the Disciple’s Cross as the standard to remind yourself and other Christians of the commitments required for being Christ disciples;
4. You will use the six disciplines to follow the Holy Spirit’s direction as you confront problems;
5. You will help other disciples live in Christ and bear fruit for His glory
If you develop all of these characteristics your life will be balanced and fruitful.

Check the areas that you are already benefiting and draw a star beside the areas that you would like for God to strengthen you.

Where are you in your relationship with Christ?

How equipped are you to be Christ’s disciples? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

What are the areas that you feel you need to have God to strengthen you in order to be disciple? _________________________________________________________________________________________________.
Daily Master Communication Guide

Read 2 Timothy 2

What God said to You? _____________________________________________________________________________________________.

What did you say to God? _________________________________________________________________________________________.

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