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Week 5 Day 4
What Has Christ Done For You?

The bible says, “we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard” (Act 4:20). Has Christ ever been so real to you that you could not help testifying about what you saw?

How ready are you to testify about what Christ has done in your life? Evaluate yourself by circling the appropriate number: 1=sometimes 2= often 3= usually 4=always then pray on the areas that you need to improve in.

I build relationships with non-Christians friends or acquaintances so that I can eventually have opportunities to witness to them. ( ) 1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3 ( ) 4

I pray with persons or offer to pray for persons who have needs and remind them that God cares about them. ( ) 1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3 ( ) 4

I visit or contact persons who visit my church and express concern for them. ( )1 ( )2 ( ) 3 ( ) 4

I tell lost persons about Christ even though it means risking that they will reject me. ( ) 1 ( )2 ( )3 ( ) 4

I do not hesitate to tell others when God answers my prayers. ( ) 1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3 ( ) 4

Make Sure Of Your Relationship

As you think about witnessing to the world first be sure of your own salvation so that you can bear fruit. Be sure that you are connected to the vine so that Christ’s love flowing through you in life-long, obedient relationship with Him. The Roman Road is eight passages out of the Book of Romans that will clearly explain the gospel message.

The Roman Road
1. God’s power can make you secure. (Roman 1:6)
2. God’s power results in change. (Roman 2:4)
3. Sin makes change necessary ( Roman 3:23)
4. God still loves you ( Rom 5:Cool
5. Sin earns death, but God offers life (Roman 6:23)
6. Confessing Jesus as Lord means that you recognize His rightful authority over you.
7. Repentance means changing the direction of your life and living a God-oriented life
8. Believing means trusting Jesus with your life
9. Calling on the name of the Lord means asking Him for forgiveness of sin and for salvation.
10. You now have hope.
11. Faith= Life for God

Read Roman 10:9- 10, 13 The words confess, believe, and call summarize what someone must do to receive God’s free gift and be saved.
Anyone who is willing to call on the name of the Lord will be saved.

You Are His Witness
Whether you just received Christ or have been His disciple for many years, you are His witness. You can use the Roman Road as a way to explain to a lost person how to receive eternal life.

Daily Master Communication Guide

Read Acts 16:11-15 in your daily quiet time with Christ
What did God say to you: ________________________________________________________________
What did you say to God: ________________________________________________________________

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