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Challnges to Obedience Empty Challnges to Obedience

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Disciples Cross Day 5

Committed to Obey
I know that I am not as obedient as I should be when it comes to God's word. I sometime have excuses on why I am not obedient. According to Philippians 2:13;

"It is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose."

Christ created in his disciples a desire and increasing ability to obey him. The disciples much like us were ordinary people, but they all had one thing in common and that is extraordinary commitment to follow Christ.
Christ did not want them just to obey to be good; he wanted to involve them in His work on earth.

Here are some accounts of the process by which Jesus taught His disciples:
1. He commanded, and they obeyed
2. They learned what Christ was trying to teach them by doing what he commanded them to do.
3. Afterward, Christ discussed with them the meaning of the experience.

Respond to these accounts according to your life.

Jesus called his disciples to leave what they were doing and to follow Him. Andrew, Peter, James and John left there fishing business. (Matt. 4:18-22) Matthew left his job as a tax collector (Matt. 9:9) Describe something that would be hard for you to leave behind or do if God asked you? _____________________________________________.

Jesus told Peter to catch a fish, take a coin from its mouth and pay their taxes (Matt. 17:27) What would you do if God asked you to do something that seemed unreasonable or that did not make sense to you?

Jesus told the disciples to get a colt for Him and, if the owners asked what they are doing: say, "The Lord needs it" ( Mark 11:3) If Jesus told you to get a pickup truck parked at Main and Broad Streets, what would you do, especially if you had to answers the owner's questions with the statement "The Lord needs it?"

When Jesus told Philip to feed the five thousand, Philip said it was impossible. Andrew offered a boys lunch even though he did not think it was enough ( John 6:5-11) Which disciple would you be most like?
___ Philip ____ Andrew

How You ever declined to be obedient because you believed that what God asked you to do was unreasonable or did not make sense?
_____ Yes _____ No

As disciples our primary commitment was to be faithful to Jesus. We are to obey Jesus Commands. To help us along our way Jesus provided us with resources. He pray for us, he sent the Holy Spirit and he has provided us with a written word. He will provide for us! If we love Him, obey Him and His commands we will bear his fruit.

We are at the end of this week lets review the theme of the week
complete the sentence;
If your life is Characterized by ___________, you will obey Christ and will bear ____________.

Recap of the disciples Cross
draw a circle and write Christ in the center with "John 15:5" as we go through the weeks we will add to the cross until it is complete.

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