Shutting the Door Of the Flesh

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Shutting the Door Of the Flesh Empty Shutting the Door Of the Flesh

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Week 1 Day 5

You may feel that you are the only one person who struggles with knowing God’s will. You may even assume that the people that lived in the bible days who God used for his purpose, automatically knew exactly what God wanted them to do and never considered their own preference.
In todays study we will read about Moses, Jesus, and Paul in the scriptures below, Moses, Jesus, and Paul willingly suffered in order to follow God’s will. Each showed three components

Doing God’s will is accomplished through
• A vision of God’s purpose for your life
• A Commitment of your entire personality to God
• Actions based on God’s provision for doing His will
Draw a star beside the components that you feel you struggle with.

Hebrew 11:24-27
Luke 22:41-42
Phil 3:4-8

Conformed To His Likeness
Read Romans 8:29- “ Those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers.”
This scriptures lets us know that you will act like Him, think like him, and you will have the kind of relationships with God and others Christ did. You will have Him at the center of your life, and you will yield to the Holy Spirits leading in your life.

Re-read this weeks memory verse Phil 2:13

Apply the verse to your life by writing your personal response to each of the following statements.
The vision I have of God’s purpose for my life is ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
If I said, “I commit my whole personality to God,” that would mean that I _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
Because I know that God will provide for me when I do His will, I will take the following action(s): _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
What hinders you from keeping these commitments? A look at the Natural Person, another part of the Disciples Personality, provides and answer.

Learning The Disciple’s Personality

Today we will begin learning the Natural Person part of the Disciple’s Personality. The Bible uses the word flesh in two ways.

Read the two verses below and describe the two ways these verses refer to flesh
Romans 6:12: _________________________________________________________________________
Galatians 5:16-18: ______________________________________________________________________
The general meaning of flesh is body, referring to the physical body. The other meaning symbolic, referring to the lower nature.
Have you kept the doors of the flesh open in your life? On a separate sheet of paper write the things that you do that displease God. Read 1 john 1:9 to confess your sins, and accept that God has forgiven you. Then take the list and burn it to signify that your sins are forgiven.

In The Carpenters Shop
Read Eph 4:17-24,30 &-5:2 the fill in the two columns below by writing in the left column that refer to the actions of the old person and the actions of the new person on the right.

Old Person New Person
________________________ __________________________
________________________ ___________________________
________________________ ___________________________

Daily Master Communication Guide
Read Genesis 3:1-7, about something that introduced problems into God’s creation, during your quiet time today.
What did God say to you? _______________________________________________________________
What You say To God? __________________________________________________________________

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