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Disciples Cross Day 4

When you have life in Christ, having completely turned over your life to Him, a lifelong, obedient relationship with Him is a natural result. When you obey Christ, you want to stay connected to Him and to follow his teachings. As a result of obeying His commands, you bear fruit.

Review what you just read about obedience. Complete the statement

The Key to discipleship is to be obedient to Christ's _________________.

Read the following verses and match the benefits of obeying Christ's commands.

___1. John 15:10 a. You show that you are His disciple
___2. John 14:21 b. You are blessed
___3. John 13:34-35 c. The Father loves you and revels Himself to you.
___4. 13:17 d. You remain in His love.

To obey Christ's commands requires two things: Knowing them and doing them. Do you know them? Are you doing what Christ commanded?

Read the following verses in your own words what do you think Christ is trying to get us to emphasize

Matthew 5:19-20: __________________________
Matthew 7:21,24-27:_________________________
Matthew 28:19-20: __________________________
James 1:22: ________________________

Describe one step you can take to know and do His commands: ________________________________

Taking Action

We have all heard the saying "Actions speak louder than words" This can also be applied to our Christian Life. We may know the right things to do, but what good is knowledge without action? If we are grounded in God's word but it makes no difference in your life, your knowledge is fruitless. To show you love Christ, you also need to obey, keep, and do his commandments.

Stop and Pray, asking God to help you begin to practice the things that you want to work on that will help you become more obedient to his word

Which one or more of the following are you are ready and willing to do to become more obedient
___ Give Christ first priority in your life.
___ Follow Christ by obeying His commands
___ Abide in Christ so that He can produce His life and fruit in you.

Daily Master Communication Guide
Continue you daily quiet time by reading Matthew 26:47-56 after you read the passage of scripture write down what God says to you through the passage and what you say to him in response. ( *Note this is your private time so you don't have to post any answers for this section)


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