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Welcome To Workbook Series 2 Empty Welcome To Workbook Series 2

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The Disciples Personality

Welcome to the second workbook seriess by Avery T. Willis, Jr. During this Masterlife we will learn for the next 6 weeks, what it takes to have the personality of a Christian disciples.


What’s In It For You?
The goal of the MasterLife series is discipleship- for each of us to become like Christ. In order for us to do that we much follow Jesus, learn to do things that He instructed His followers to do, and help others become His disciples.

Christian discipleship is developing a personal, lifelong, obedient relationship with Jesus Christ, in which he transforms your character into Christlikeness; changes your values into Kingdom values; and involves you in His mission in the home, the church and the world.

Here in MasterLife workbook 2 will focus on Christ transforming your character into Christlikeness through the work of the Holy Spirit. Although you are a Christian, you may wonder why Continue to sin despite your best intentions. We may sometimes feel that we at wars within ourselves, one being controlled by the Spirit and the other being controlled by our flesh. When we were born again we not Christlike just like the disciples were not. Through this study we will learn how the Holy Spirit can change our character and behavior into Christlikeness so that He can work through your will and your life.

We will also continue building on the six principles that we learned in workbook 1 The disciple’s Cross.
1. Spend time with the Master
2. Live in the Word
3. Pray in Faith
4. Fellowship with believers
5. Witness to the world
6. Minister to others
We also continue with our daily quiet time readings as we continue to grow in Christ.

Discipleship Covenant

Here in MasterLife it takes dedicating ourselves to God, as we grow we have to commit to making ourselves better disciples. Here is a please for each of us to go by and though we may not be able to do each thing on the list we will have a guide to work towards each day.

As a disciple of Jesus Christ, I commit myself to-
• Acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord of my Life each day;
• Spend from 20 to 30 mintues a day on assignments
• Have daily quiet time
• Keep a Daily Master Communication Guide about the way God speaks to you and how you speak to him.
• Be faithful to my church in attendance and stewardship
• Love and encourage each other
• Share my faith with others
• Become a discipler of others as God gives opportunities;

Welcome to series 2 and let’s get ready to transform and grow even more in Christ.

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