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Week 6 Day 3

We have already studied two ministries and the resources that lead to their expression in the life of a disciple. Now we will learn the third ministry.

A Ministry of Nurture

Fellowshipping with believers eventually leads you to disciple new Christians. A normal outgrowth of being of the body of Christ is taking care of spiritual infants and helping them grow into mature Christians. God gives some persons special gifts to counsel and train others in the various stages of spiritual growth.  In the bible this happens several times, as when Jesus saw Simon’s potential and helped him grow into the rock called peter. (read John 21:15-17) Barnabas encouraged the reluctant John, Mark, who grew and later wrote one of the Gospels. Christ will show you Himself ad you fellowship with other believers.

A ministry of nurture could involve

____ counseling new Christians at the end of decisions;
____ helping spiritual infants understand what it means to have life in Christ;
____ leading a small group of disciples to know what following Christ means;
____ serving on committees that see potential in members and recommending them for church offices;
____ Training leaders;
____ teaching persons how to witness;
____ Counseling persons about their interpersonal needs

In all situations nurture can involve role modeling, as Christ did with those he trained as His disciples. Others need examples of the Christian life that point them to Christ. In the list above check the ways that you already serve and draw beside the ones that you want God to help you with when you are operating in the ministry of nurture.

To carry out the Great commission, you need to lead others into life-long, obedient relationships with Jesus Christ. That is your responsibility. Then help them grow in their relationships with Him until He transform them into His likeness and involves them in His mission. Every disciple is to help other disciples in the fellowship of believers grow.

Tell someone how you have benefited from your study of MasterLife. You never know how this will help some with their own personal journey.

A Ministry Of Evangelism

Evangelism is the fourth ministry of disciple. Nothing encourages Christians more than bearing witness, especially when they see someone accept Christ. From the resource of witness grows a ministry of evangelism. Evangelism is the proclamation of the good news of salvation in Christ. Our evangelism is a means the Holy Spirit uses to convert the loss. It is the way that the Lord uses us to teach others about Himself. As a Christian, you do not persuade persons simply to make decisions. Rather, you tell them about Christ, call them to repentance, and give glory for what occurs.

Read the Great Commission Matthew 28:19. What does Christ say about your responsibility for evangelism? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
The great commission calls you to use the resource of witness. Through the Great Commission Christ gave you the responsibility to share with others your knowledge of His love.

Write the memory verse John 15:13 then describe here what you think a person who is willing to give his or her life for a friend would do about witnessing. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

You can express this ministry of evangelism in variety of ways:

*Lifestyle- living a Christian life that attracts a lost person’s attention and provides an opportunity for witness.
* Small-group evangelism- participating in small groups of persons with similar interest to share the gospel of Christ
* Church evangelism- visiting homes, taking a religious census, or using other actions to ensure that every persons in your church’s range of influence hears the gospel message
*Mass evangelism- helping your church gather people for a community-wide revival in a church in a church building or a stadium.
*Mission ministry- entering other cultures to tell others about Jesus as a career, short-term, or bivocational missionary or through giving and praying for mission causes.

In the list above check the ways you have already served and draw a star next to the one(s) you think God might you to do in a ministry of evangelism.

Daily Master Communication Guide

Read 1 Timothy 6:11-21

What did God say to you? ______________________________________________________

What did you say to God? ______________________________________________________

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