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week 6 Day 1

What a Christian Does

When Christ is at the center of your life, how do you serve others? What does being a disciple of Christ lead you to do? You may not go overseas, or minister all over the world, just know that your opportunities for sacrificial service for others are endless.
Describe an occasion when you served someone sacrificially. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
What opportunities for service do you have that you are not taking advantage of? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Bearing Your Cross
To learn how a disciple minister to others start by reading Luke 9:23 which outlined three basic commitments of a disciples.

Complete Luke 9:23 by filling in the blanks. Then say the memory verse out loud
“If anyone would come after me, he must ___________ himself and take up his ____________ daily and ___________ me.”
For Jesus, the cross meant that He gave Himself to redeem the world. For believers, cross bearers are voluntary, redemptive. Sacrificial service for others. You enter his ministry by taking up your cross.

Read John 12:24. Then check the statement that best explains Jesus’s comparison.
“ I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies it produces many seeds.”
1. ____ Death to the old ways of life brings forth new life.
2. ____ Dying to self means that you will probably live your life alone.

You must die to your old way of life before you can commit yourself to Christ. Self-denial emphasizes turning from commitment to self to commitment to Him. Taking up your Christ to the world in need.

“Anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14:27)
After reading the scripture above answer the following question.
What happens to a person who refuses to be a cross bearer? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

In Philippians 2:8 “ Being found in appearance as a man, be humbled himself and become obedient to death even death on a cross! “
Paul explained why Jesus was willing to take up His cross. Jesus was obedient to God’s will for His life even when it meant dying on a cross. We learned from Jesus’ example in cross bearing that a Christian’s cross has two characteristics: 1). It is a voluntary commitment 2). It is an act of obedience

If you have failed to take up your cross, which of the following sins have you committed?
___disobedience ___ disloyalty ____ disbelief
Though disbelief and disloyalty maybe involved, you are disobedient to Christ if you fail to take up your cross, because cross bearing is a direct command of Christ. Obeying Jesus’ commands is the primary motive for taking up your cross.

Read John 15:13 which is the memory verse then answer the question below?
What did Jesus say that disciples would be willing to do to demonstrate love for others? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
If Christ is at the center of your life, you grow as His disciple of ministering to others. As you grow in Christ, you reach out to others through service of all kinds. You bear Christ’s cross even if it means experiencing difficulty.
A disciple ministers to others, even if you experience hardship or give your life.

Daily Master Communication Guide
Read Luke 10:26-35 during your quiet time with God
What Did God say to you? _______________________________________________________________
What did you say to God? _______________________________________________________________

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