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The Price Of Bearing Fruit Empty The Price Of Bearing Fruit

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Week 5 Day 5

Being Christ’s disciples does not occur without sacrifice. As John 15:20-21, reveals when you have a relationship with Him, you will be persecuted, just as He suffered. Everything you endure for Christ, He endured also. He knew rejection and suffering, and so will you.

In John 15: 20-21 what do Jesus’ words “ No servant is greater than his master” mean to you? ___________________________________________________________________________

Your Companion in Suffering

You are subject to the same rejection Jesus encountered. The same type of hard-hearted, close-minded people who rejected the Master will also reject you. In Contrast, the same type of people who were open to his teachings while He was on earth will open to your words and deeds today.

What did Christ suffer for you? Read these three verses then match the statements with the references.
1. Luke 22: 47-48 a. Respected persons in authority rejected Him
2. Mark 6: 1-3 b. A friend betrayed Him
3. Mark 8:31 c. The people in His hometown took offense at Him

Have you has an experience in which you felt persecuted because you witnessed for Christ __Yes __No
If so, describe it below. __________________________________________________________________
How does it make you feel to realize that Christ has already endured any type of heartache you have suffered? ___________________________________________________________________________
Because of Christ-honoring stands you take, you sometimes experience rejection.

There are six reasons why we should memorize scripture
1. To claim victory over satan
2. To claim victory over sin
3. To win others to Christ
4. To meditate on the word
5. To direct your daily life
6. Because God commands it.

Give an example of how memorizing Scriptures has helped you in one of the above ways._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Daily Master Communication Guide

In your daily quiet time with God read Matthew 4:1-11

What God said to you: __________________________________________________________________
What You said to God: __________________________________________________________________


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