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The Gift Of Accountabilty Empty The Gift Of Accountabilty

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Week 4 Day 2

God has shown us that us many times that we can do nothing without him. Some of us have wanted to do so much for Christ that we make a plan that we feel make the body of Christ work better. That we can change lives as Christ did. Though we pray about it many times we may go forth with the plan, never really taking the time to hear or get direction from God to execute the plan according to his plan. Then we face a crushing defeat when it does not work out. Which shows us that we can do nothing without Christ. Also that we should never do anything without direct leadership and without the proper framework.

Have you ever had a disappointing experience in Christian service because you were working outside the fellowship of believers? __Yes __No if so describe __________________________________________

Read the memory verse aloud (John 13:34-35) then write what these verses say about the importance of fellowshipping with Christ’s people. _______________________________________________________

God Works Through Others
Many times God reveals Himself through the individuals He places in your path. Life in Christ includes trying to live in fellowship with your brothers and sisters. Often through that fellowship others speak a God anointed word to you that helps you see a problem clearly or make the right decisions. Christian friends can help hold you accountable for times when we get off course. The can remind you what the word says. The Father works through others in the church to accomplish His will in your life.
Read the case studies and answers the questions that follow.

Anita and her grown daughter had not spoken in years. Anita longed to make this right between them. She invited her daughter home for a special weekend to attempt to repair their relationship. Anita on spent every spare moment of the weekend cooking food for her daughter and buying her presents, hoping these actions would make her daughter want to be close to her. She also ask her friends at church to pray for them.

How could Anita’s friends at church show love for her?________________________________________

Charles worked two jobs to provide income for his family. He was away from home so much that he is seldom available to his wife and children. His children wanted him to attend their sports games and school events, but Charles had to miss most of them. He manage to take his family to church about twice a month.

How could fellowship with other believers help Charles? _______________________________________

An Instrument Of Christ’s Love
If you want to be Jesus’s true disciple and to have a personal, lifelong, obedient relationship with Him, you will show love for others by fellowshipping with them and by being Christ’s instrument in their lives. Christ’s love can flow through you to them. You can help them be all Christ’s wants them to be. Fellowship reminds you of the importance of your relationships with others.
Say the scripture memory verse out loud John 13:34-35

Daily Master Communication Guide

Read 1 Corinthians 12:31-13:13
What did God say to you? _________________________________________________________
What did you say to God? _________________________________________________________

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