The Alter Of Confession

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The Alter Of Confession Empty The Alter Of Confession

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Week 3 Day 4,
After you have thanked God for what He has done have praised Him for who He is, confess your sins to Him. In addition to glorifying and honoring God, you must also ask God to examine your heart.

The Need To Confess Sin
In book of Isaiah we were able to witness what the prophet Isaiah experience when he saw God and witnessed his. The Prophet Isaiah became aware of the contrast between God’s holiness and his own sinfulness.

Read Isaiah 6:4-6 then complete the sentence.
When Isaiah experienced the Lord’sglory, he __________________________ his sin.

When you approach God’s throne and become aware of His presence, your personal sin confronts you and weighs heavy on your mind. After such a divine confrontation it is appropriate to confess your sin. In confession you let God examine your heart, and He shows you what separates you from Him- the barriers that keep you from experiencing Him to the fullest. Full fellowship with the Father is blocked if your life contains unconfessed sin.

Read 1 John 1:8-10
According to the passage of scripture why do we need to confess sin in our lives? Check one.
__the Father will forgive you and cleanse you.
__You deceive yourself and do not live in the truth if you claim to be above sin.
__ The Father can show that He is faithful to His promise to forgive you when you confess sin.
__ So that you will feel better.

The father wants you to confess sin so that He can do what He has promisbegined to do. You fool only yourself when you claim to be sinless.
What Do You Need To Confess
As you begin to yourself up to the Lord, simply ask him to point out what is not right in your life , and to help your confess it.
Read Ephes. 4:22-32
Now ask yourself what is it that one thing that you may have gotten convicted on.
____ deceitful desires ______Brawling
____falsehood _____Laziness
____Anger _____slander
____bitterness _____unwholesome milk
_____rage _____Malice
____ stealing
Now write a confession in which you asked the Lord to forgive you of the matter or matters seen and unseen._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Confessing is an important part of maintaining a right relationship with God. You can experience harmony, or wholeness when you have regular fellowship with Christ, that is a daily pattern of praying in faith.
Continue to Learn the Disciples Cross
Draw the disciples cross; the first part is a circle with the word Christ inside and the scripture
After the you draw the center which is craft. The top crossbow “should say prayer, the bottom crossbow should say “word” on it.

Daily Master Communication Guide
Psalm 51
What did God God say to you?____________________________________________________________
What did you say back to HIM? ___________________________________________________________

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