Praying For What God Wants

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Praying For What God Wants Empty Praying For What God Wants

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Week 3 Day 1

Asking According To His Will
God delights in answering prayers that is asked according to His will. He refuses to answer prayers that are not consistent with what He wants.
We will always need to hear God's voice so that we will know what to pray.

Do you read God's Word for direction and pray in faith when you need to make a major decision?
___Yes, I always do this
___I try to do this most of the time
___I know I should, but I don't as often as I'd like.
___I usually consult God after I've made my decision.

Read your memory verse aloud John 15:7, then write in your own words what you think the verse is saying about consulting God verse before making decisions.  Then meditate on the verse and ask God what he wants and to give you faith that He will do it.

Learning the disciples cross
We have been working on drawing the disciples cross as we learn what it means to be a disciple. today we will add the third part of the cross.
You should have a circle drawn out with the word "Christ" in the center and John 15:5
then you should have an arrow connected to the circle at the bottom with the word "Word" and John 8-31-32 written on it.
Today add another arrow to the circle at the top with the word "prayer" and John 15:7

The center of the cross represents one Lord, since He is the first  priority in your life. The bars on the cross represent two relationships. Word on the bottom and Prayer at the top. Forming the vertical crossbar, represent your relationship with Christ. The horizontal crossbar represents your relationships with others.

Daily Master Communication Guide
Matthew 14:22-36
What God say to you:___________________________________________________
What Did you say to God:_________________________________________________

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